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The Healing Fawn

30 days of Guided Inner Child Work Prompts & Affirmations PRINTABLE!

30 days of Guided Inner Child Work Prompts & Affirmations PRINTABLE!

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The daily prompts will take you on a step by step journey for 30 days to connect to your inner child/inner teen, which is the gateway to deep healing and finding your true authentic self. Please start this journey when you feel you can commit to a daily activity for 30 days. Some will only take a few minutes but others will take more time. As a trauma coach and somatic practitioner the daily exercises I have put together will have multiple healing benefits, including assistance in regulating your nervous system.

When we carry unresolved pain from childhood it can cause our nervous system to be chronically dysregulated, which causes a disconnection from our mind and our body. This disconnection keeps our inner child separated from us.
Please do your best to not skip ahead as each daily prompt builds on the next. Please join our free group Consciously Connecting to your Inner Child in 30 days on Facebook- QR code is in file. This group will be a safe place for anyone who is using the affirmations to come and share their personal experiences, thoughts, emotions with a like minded community.
Sending so much love and light your way -
Serena xo
The Healing Fawn Inner Child
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