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My name is Serena Franchini, Founder of The Healing Fawn, a registered nurse for 15 years, trauma-informed inner child work coach,and certified somatic therapy practitioner.

I have always had a calling to help and serve others. While going through my own spiritual journey and awakening, I connected to and began healing my inner child.

It changed everything for me, I found my purpose to help others do the same. The Healing Fawn Inner Child Work and Somatic Therapy was formed to help guide one person at a time towards healing and finding their true self.

The clothing was designed as another way to spread the message of healing, I personally love inspirational yet stylish fashion statements and it was hard to find!

My inner child guided workbook, Finding Your True Self, is also now available for purchase. If your looking to get started on your healing journey, and are not ready to start coaching sessions, my guided step by step approach will be a great introductory step.(All my coaching clients receive this workbook.) You will also find several of my most used digital downloadable products.

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Affirmation Throw Blankets & more inspiring items

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  • Finding Your True Self; A Guided Workbook into Inner Child Healing HARD COPY

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